Tony Zanni

Combine a 21st-century graphic design degree with 19th-century printing presses and cases upon cases of movable type and you get Tony Zanni, owner of Type High Letterpress, Studio 246 in the Hungerford. His shop is overflowing with type and presses. When you visit you’ll be greeted by over 750 cases of old school metal and wood type, as well as a ton(more like 3-4 tons) of antique printing presses and equipment. Not to mention walls covered with his posters.

Tony uses this collection of type and images to create stunningly beautiful invitations, bold and colorful posters, and loads of snarky and funny greeting cards. Type High Letterpress does custom work also. If you have a project you’d like pressed into beautiful paper contact Tony at or call him at 585-281-2510 to make an appointment.

Have old equipment? Tony collects that too and is always looking to add unique type, letterpress plates and images, even presses to his collection. So if you have letterpress stuff just collecting dust, bring it on over to studio 246 and Tony will put it to good use.