A curious seeker of all things art and nature, Rosemary Pergolizzi strives to capture moments of beauty and peace. The artwork she creates, be it a Floral, Still Life, Portrait, or Plein Air Painting reflects this desire to investigate, discover and share what she perceives as life’s awe-inspiring gifts. 

Working in Studio #458 with the Main Street Artists group, Rosemary has found a community that honors and shares her experiments in art. Currently, she paints mostly in oils and pastels on stretched canvas, gesso board, or sanded paper. Art pieces vary in size from 6×6″ to 16×24″. Occasionally a mural is commissioned and either painted on canvas or on the client’s wall as requested.

A sampling of her work can be found on her group website: mainstreetartistsgallery.com or in Studio #458 at the Hungerford. 

She also exhibits her art pieces at local businesses and at various art shows as a member of the Rochester Art Club, The Pastelists of Western New York, and the Oil Painters of America.