Philippe Faraut Sculpture

Sculptor Philippe Faraut specializes in rendering human and animal forms in stone, bronze, terracotta, plaster, wood, porcelain, concrete and mixed media. His work has won awards at national and international competitions.

For decades, Philippe has taught artists in the US and abroad how to render portraits, figures and animals in clay at private studios and institutions including the Grand Central Academy in New York, Ringling School of Art in Florida and Pixar in California. In addition, he has studied forensic facial reconstruction and anaplastology and lectures at universities and medical conventions in the US and Europe on expressions and the aging process of the face. Together with his wife Charisse, the couple has made Philippe’s techniques available in the form of books and video series.

His studio in suite 312 is open to the public each First Friday of the month where he sculpts live demos in water-based clay.