Just Terrific Book Arts & Restorations


Just Terrific Book Arts & Restoration is a one-woman book arts studio located in suite #150 through Door 1.

Craftswoman Rachael Gootnick focuses her efforts on repairing, rebinding, and restoring old and antique books. From family Bibles to 19th century literature, she uses timeless techniques to breathe life back into broken books. 

Rachael also specializes in hand binding. With her signature miniature style, she creates wearable and usable book jewelry in the form of necklaces, earrings, and pins. These tiny creations are finely crafted using upcycled and repurposed materials, as an effort to not only reduce waste, but to also emphasize the beauty found in the little things in life. 

In addition to client-facing book services and products, Rachael also creates thoughtful artist books and paper sculptures that address the transitional moments of our shared human experience. Her artist books question what is typical, by utilizing alternative sizes, forms, and materials. In addressing mainstream topics juxtaposed with unexpected features, her works reconsider the accepted standards in books, and in life. 

Her studio is open by appointment only, but open 24/7 online.