Call For Artists – Bread & Water Theatre Music and Art Fair

Bread & Water Theatre is producing its fifth annual Music and Art Fair to help struggling artists and musicians show their work to the general public.  We look at this annual event as a way to give back to the Rochester community by providing a platform for new and emerging artists.

This event will be held inside and on the grounds of 243 Rosedale St. (at the corner of Monroe Ave. and Rosedale St.) on August 17 and 18from 2-8pm.  This is to coincide with the Genesee Center for the Arts’ event Spokes and Ink also occurring on Monroe Avenue that weekend.  We believe that by timing these events together both organizations will be able to attract more people to the area and create a larger sense of community in the Upper Monroe Avenue Neighborhood.

Our vendor tables range from $20 to $40 depending on your needs.  We can also provide vendor tables on request.

***As a special thank you to area artists we have added a limited number of discounted vender tables.  Look for our “Special Discount – 2 Day Pass” at checkout and have your two day vendor table for only $20.***

ARTIST/MUSICIAN SIGN UP: Click the link below to register online for the fair.

ALSO OF INTEREST TO ARTISTS: Visit our Facebook page below to find out about our Tuning Pin Challenge and your opportunity to help us raise the dough for our capital campaign.

J.R. Teeter
Artistic Director
Bread & Water Theatre