Home Movie Day—October 18, 2014

Please join us on Saturday, October 18 from 12pm – 4pm for the 12th annual Home Movie Day. This year the event will take place in the Genesee Libby Studio (#225) in the Hungerford building. Home Movie Day is held at venues worldwide and gives people a chance to share their home movies with an audience of their community. Bring some films to share or just come to watch some movies and have some tasty treats.

In Rochester, AMIA UR and the staff and students in the L. Jeffrey Selznick School of Film Preservation organize the event. Film archivists will inspect, prepare, and project your small gauge film—8mm, Super-8, and 16mm. Home movies recorded on the VHS format will also be accepted. This is also an opportunity to speak with experts about the best methods to preserve your home movies. This is a volunteer-run event and it is free and open to the public.

home movie day 08_mrn_no_date





Open Studios Tomorrow (10.3.14)

Join us at the Hungerford, this Friday, October 3rd from 6–9pm. for a fun filled evening with art, music, and inspiration.

• Create Art 4 Good (201) is unveiling a new exhibit of new works by artist, Susan Carmen-Duffy
• Quilt artist, Julia Deal is the “Artist of the Month ” in the Main Street Artists’ (452-458)
• Off the Cuff Designs (333) is featuring live music by Jim Lane
• It’s not to late to pick out Halloween beads with Francesca DeCaire (216)
• Stop by Hungerford 318 (318) and shop the new collection of holiday ornaments

Additional parking is available at the Credit Union across Main Street, on the east side of the building, and at Greenovation.

201, Create Art 4 Good
215, Nancy Murty
216, Francesca DeCaire
222, VonBrake Spices
225, Genesee Libby
228, Happy Earth Tea
228, Kumagama Clay Studio & Gallery
234, Airigami
236, Constance Mauro Studio
242, Cat Clay
258, Blue Toucan Studios
258, Creativ Framing & Art
258, Chenille Macabre
318, Hungerford 318
318, Stefani Tadio
318, Tom Zachman Glass
333, Off the Cuff Designs
344, Rituals In Metal & Stone
350, Delish Glass
356, The Group in the Loop
406, HessMess Creations
417, Nomadic Photographic Arts
420, The Tea Pottery
428, Hodaka Pottery
458, Margot Fass
458, Suzi Zefting-Kuhn Artworks
437-439, Rochester Art Club
452-458, Main Street Artists’
Door #9, Warren Phillips Fine Art & Frame

Can’t make it Friday? Join us for Second Saturday, Oct. 11th from 10am–3pm.

How an Animal Portrait is Done in Pastel …………

Portraiture is my first love whether it be of the human kind or the animal kind. I choose the medium of pastel for most of my animal portraits/commissions because of its textural quality. You can really get a visual of the fur with this medium!

Currently, in my studio at the Hungerford, Studio 452, I am nearing completion of a pastel portrait of a majestic lion from a photograph I took while visiting the Portland Zoo in Oregon this past April. I stood in the same spot for nearly 15 minutes waiting for this creature to look up from his afternoon snack, a bone.

DSC01425 DSC01426


Following are some progress shots of this animal portrait beginning with the drawing on sanded pastel paper (Sennelier La Carte to be exact) with pastel pencil, to applications of color beginning with the darks:

DSC02011 DSC02013DSC02021

As I said in the beginning the portrait is close to finish. Stop by Studio 452 on First Friday, September 5th to see it in person! Plan to spend the evening exploring the work of the wonderfully talented artisans in the Hungerford!

Suzi Zefting-Kuhn  Studio 452-458 along with The Main Street Artists’ Gallery & Studio


We are all in this together

A visitor in my studio this week asked me about my experiences in the Hungerford. She seemed to believe that the building HAD to be divided both physically and emotionally. Every person for themselves- She had seen that in other buildings. Neighbors rarely speaking, back stabbing and competition among the artists. She believed that must be the nature of humans who share a building.

I (gratefully) shared with her that she couldn’t be further from the truth.

“We are a family!”, I confidently shared with her.

I explained to her that we met at least once a month to brainstorm opportunities for growth and success. While each studio runs individually, we are happily working together for the greater good. I was saddened by her surprise. But continued to explain that in my opinion most of the studios actively support the others. Encouraging great work, critiques, sharing opportunities, promoting each other’s work and more.

She suggested that this was SO against typical collectives.

I suggested that the Hungerford was a special place.

The Hungerford IS a special place. It is a place where someone has a spark of an idea and another person keeps that spark lit- a third might implement the idea. It is a place where if there is need, other souls rally to assist. It is a place where we work towards the greater good, toward excellence, toward fulling our life’s mission. The HUNGERFORD- is not just a building but a home to souls who believe in what they are doing, who draw strength from the other souls working away in the studio next door and understand without doubt….

we are all in this together.



First Friday, August 1

HUAJoin us at the Hungerford, this Friday, August 1st from 6–9pm and explore multiple floors of unique art created by artists and artisans. Additional parking is available at the Credit Union, on the east side of the building and at Greenovation.

Can’t make it this Friday? Join us for Second Saturday, August 9th from 10am–3pm

open studios:

Airigami, #234
Cat Clay, #242
Create Art 4 Good, #201
Fine & Splendid Things, #414
Francesca DeCaire, #216
Genesee Libby, #225
Happy Earth Tea, #228
HessMess Creations, #406
Hungerford 318, #318
Kumagama Clay Studio & Gallery, #228
Lucinda Storms, #320
Main Street Artists’, #452-458
Rituals In Metal & Stone, #344
Rochester Art Club, #437-439
Suzi Zefting-Kuhn Artworks, #458
The Tea Pottery, #420
VonBrake Spices, #222

Hungerford 318

Hungerford Profile

5 Artists Selling Handcrafted Goods in suite 318

First Fridays, 6:00-9:00
Second Saturdays, 10:00-3:00
By Appointment – Email us at hungerford318@gmail.com

Purple Clutch with Francesca Bead

Jean Keane – Fabric accessories for you & your pet. http://www.jkstitches.com/

Lori Prince Embossed Pendants

Lori Prince – Artisan made sterling silver, copper, polymer clay and resin jewelry. http://www.lprincedesignsjewelry.com/

Turq & Burg Sticky Notes

Stefani Tadio – Hand stitched paper art; notepads, framed art, paper jewelry. http://www.pinetreedesigns.com/

Blue Bowl

Mary Terziani – Fused glass plates, bowls, platters, and vases.http://www.maryterzianiglass.com/

Cast Glass

Tom Zachman – Glass art (stained glass panels, fused glass, recycled wine bottle chimes). http://tomzachman.weebly.com/

Darjeeling Second Flush 2014 has arrived!

Happy Earth Tea - Second Floor - The Hungerford
Happy Earth Tea - The Hungerford


Second Flush Arya Ruby is prized by Darjeeling tea enthusiasts for its rich muscatel and a floral-fruity complexity.

DRY LEAF: Very stylish leaves that are long, wiry, tippy and well rolled. The appearance of the tea reflects the care in the manufacture. It has a nice bloom and is clean without any stems and flakes. The dry leaves are fragrant with notes of muscatel, caramel, apricot and some spice.

INFUSION: A coppery infusion with a greenish hue still present in some leaves. Because of the partial oxidization, there is a touch of first flush crispness to the tea. The nose is rich in muscatel, hints of caramel, apricot and pepper. [Read more...]

Named a Finalist

Suzi Zefting-Kuhn (studio 452)

Suzi Zefting-Kuhn (studio452) was named a finalist in the Portrait of a Professional Artist competition, which was part of Professional Artist Month, in June. Her image, ‘A Dream Fulfilled’, pastel, 24” x 26” will be included in the competition album on the Professional Artist Facebook page beginning the week of July 21st.