Meet the Artists

The Hungerford is brimming full with wonderful art. The makers of this art thrive on the act of creation. The Hungerford offers the opportunity to not only show their art but also the opportunity to create.

Meet some of the artists that share their work. When asked what they do, the following are some of their responses.

Meet Stefani Tadio- Studio 240

stefI hand stitch colorful mandalas on paper to make framed art, notepads, greeting cards and paper jewelry. I design my pieces using my computerized cutting machine, which not only cuts the paper shapes but cuts the teeny, tiny stitching holes with accuracy and precision. Then, with needle & thread, I hand stitch the designs, one stitch at a time.

Meet Suzi Zefting-Kuhn  Studio 452-458


I am a representational artist with my focus mainly on oil and pastel. My favorite subjects to paint are people and animals. I love trying to figure out what makes that person or animal tick. I also have been working on a series called ‘Jazz Hands’ in oil which portray musicians hands and parts of their instruments. It is a fascinating and challenging way to get to know the human hand creating beautiful music.

Meet Susan Carmen-Duffy @ Create Art 4 Good- Studio 201

Growing love_SACD

I truly love blending a multitude of media together in one piece. I feel that each medium has it’s strength and combined provides tremendous opportunity for the artist. As a whimsical artist I love nature and figurative work. Continuing to work on my own art and writing, I also support a gallery called, “Create Art 4 Good”. CA4G supports art and artists and pays it forward by donating a portion of each and every sale to a charity in need.


Meet Lori Prince- Studio 240

princeMy jewelry is all handmade by me.  I buy chains and cords and a few other pre finished components to complete my work.  I use a lot of different materials- sterling silver, copper, metal clay, polymer clay and resin mostly. My metal pieces are made with traditional techniques like sawing, filing, soldering, hammering and cold forging.  Metal clay is formed, dried, finished, then fired in a kiln until it is fully sintered (the small particles of metal in the clay fused together and become solid)

I have worked in the optics industry for 20 years.  I tell people that my day job is so “left brained” that I need to balance myself out my doing this creative work.


July First Friday!

header July FFThis weekend the Hungerford celebrates First Friday and independence day!

See you on July 3rd!

Studios will be open this Friday

Celebrating our independence and creativity!
The following studios will be open from 6 until 9PM
201 – Create Art 4 Good Studios- Mixed Media art
216-  Francesca DeCaire- glass artist
228 – Kumagama – Clay Studio & Gallery
240 – Jean Keane
240 – Lori Prince
240 – Mary Terziani
240 – Stefani Tadio, paper artist
240 – Tom Zachman Glass
252 – Udicci
258-  Creative Framing-
258 – Chenille Macabre & Blue Toucan Studios
325 – Bob World
341 – Long Studios
344 – Christopher Little, jewelry design and repair
414 – SEW Artistic: Julia Deal & Friends
423 – Cindy Kuhn Studios
436 – Enkyoji Buddhist Temple of Rochester





Second Saturday at The Hungerford

Second Saturday

Open studios:
155E – Brown Sugar Pastries
201 – Create Art 4 Good Studios
216 – Francesca DeCaire, glass artist
222 – VonBrake Spices
225 – Genesee Libby
228 – Kumagama – Clay Studio & Gallery
252 – Udicci
258 – Chenille Macabre
307 – Quilting with Margaret
309 – Nancy Coons
318 – Tom Zachman Glass
325 – Bob World
341 – Long Studios
344 – Christopher Little, jewelry design and repair
366 – Jeanne Beck
406 – HessMess Creations
414 – SEW Artistic: Julia Deal & Friends
420 – The Tea Pottery – Jennifer Buckley
422/428 – Hodaka pottery
423 – Cindy Kuhn Studios
452-458 – Main Street Artists’ Gallery & Studio/Suzi Zefting-Kuhn Artworks
458 – Main Street Artists’ Gallery